Hardwood Mulch Available

Hardwood Mulch
$28.00 Per Cubic Yard, plus  local and state sales tax
Colors: Red, Dark Brown, Black.
Pick Up Or Delivery.
Mulch Spreading Service is Provided At An Hourly Rate.
Open 24 Hours A Day.
We Are Located Off Hyw 540 N.
Get Off On Exit 82 Turn Right On Promenade Blvd. Go East 1 Mile On Left In Field, You Can See Piles.
Call 479-636-3150

How Much Mulch?
Mulch is sold by the cubic yard, but how do you figure out much to buy?
Here’s an easy calculation:
1. Measure the area to be covered.
2. Multiply the length (in feet) of your garden by the width (in feet) to get the square footage.
3. Next, figure out how deep you want your mulch to be (in inches). Two inches is usually enough.
3. Now multiply the size of your garden in square feet by the depth of your mulch in inches.
4. Divide that number by 324.
This is the number of cubic yards of mulch you will need to cover your garden.

Red Mulch
Hardwood Mulch
Dyed Black Mulch